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Mission and values

Statement of Purpose

At Walloon, we wish for all people to have a positive self image and to be responsible and educated citizens, based on the three universal rights and responsibilities of all people:
  • our right to learn and our responsibility to learn and allow others to learn
  • our right to feel safe and our responsibility to behave in a safe manner
  • our right to be treated with respect and our responsibility to treat others with respect
Walloon is committed to providing quality learning opportunities that enable all students to achieve this within a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment.
We draw these three areas together into two Pathways:
  • The Pathways to Learning (our right to learn)
  • The Pathways to Peace®(our right to safety and respect)
  • The Pathways to Emotional Wellbeing
All members of Walloon are expected to contribute to the success of building the inter-relatedness among quality learning behaviours, safe and supportive practices and appropriate interpersonal skills that make for productive and well-meaning citizens.
Pathways to Learning​ ​Pathways to Peace ​Pathways to Emotional Wellbeing





Team member


​Be a Peacemaker

Speak kindly

Care for ourselves and others

Do the right thing

Find help

Turn things around

Be brave

Self awareness

Self management

Social awareness

Relationship skills

Responsible decision making​